GREEN8 update for CRO clinical trial logistics

GREEN8 Japan is strengthening its clinical trial logistics to CROs in Japan. GREEN8 is committed to providing clinical trial logistics across Japan. Including frozen collection of patient samples from sites, distribution of kits and placebo in Chilled 2-8C as well as 15-25C designated range. GREEN8 also conducts return shipments of clinical trials for international trial projects, as well as required safe and compliant destruction of kits in Japan. 

Freezing oocytes for Non-medical purpose

JSOG (Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology) has provided easy to understand detail and informative video on freezing oocytes for non-medical purpose in Japan. 


Cryo preservation of Oocytes , sperm and embryos at GREEN8 is in full consultation with IVF medical clinics and we will take into account the JSOG data on freezing oocytes for our patients. 

GREEN8 Japan’s GDP / GMP Cold Storage will be available in Winter 2022

GREEN8 Japan’s GDP / GMP Cold Storage will be available in Winter 2022 :
our certificated cold storage for pharmaceutical products, chemical and DG substances, as well as
reproductive cryo-specimens will be available in Winter 2022. Along with clean room area which handles IVF
specimens, GREEN8 Japan’s GDP depo will provide 5 temperature ranges, -196°C, – 80°C, -20°C, +2-8°C,
+15-25°C at Yonezawa, Yamagata Japan