• 2015 News archive for year 2015
  • 2015.12.30 Please note that GREEN8 is closed for Japanese new year holiday. Our office is open from Monday 4 January at 9am Tokyo time.Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!
  • 2015.11.16 Paris terror attacks has increased security screening in not just France, but EU and across globe. For all your shipments, please contact us in advance with details of your shipment to reduce delays at border.
  • 2015.10.06 Shipping from JAPAN to IRAN: GREEN8 will assist with not only cargo samples from Japan to Iran for demonstration and display at exhibitions, but we also arrange for shipment of commercial cargo from Japan to Iran (by AIR or SEA).

    Our service includes not only import clearance and quarantine but also assistance in obtaining required import permit for the commercial commodity. GREEN8 also assist Iranian corporation with their logistical needs from Japan, including documents required from the Japan side for fast and smooth delivery. Contact us for details at or +81-3-6672-2241
  • 2015.8.15 GREEN8 along with JET8 Myanmar will be accepting shipment for JAPAN Expo 2015 (Yangon@5-8 Nov, Mandalay@27-29 Oct 2015). In addition to our DOOR-to-DOOR international shipment, we will arrange for any necessary import permit. Contact us in Japanese, English or Burmese for assistance.
  • 2015.7.22 GREEN8 is the official distributor for WAKU WAKU Beer (Japanese craft beer from Kawakita, Ishikawa, Japan). Currently, PR promotion for 4 kinds of WAKU WAKU Beers are mainly focused on East Asian countries but we are expanding our sales and promotion to other regions as well. Contact us for details about each beer, as well as price.
  • 2015.7.8 GREEN8 provides for both AIR and SEA consolidated shipment for food samples for OISHII Japan 2015 in Singapore. GREEN8 will handle all the necessary shipping documents, and required certificates on behalf of the client. Contact us for details
  • 2015.6.30 Receiving application for the 2nd phase of Japan Sextarii Sector Project (i.e. sustainable commerce for promotion of local products overseas) from Shikoku and Kyushu area of Japan. GREEN8 will promote the selected products for sales and marketing abroad.
  • 2015.4.17 GREEN8 is selected as the logistic coordinator for Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry for Singapore trade market support program, targeting Kanto region’s Japanese SME products’ global trade.
  • 2015.3.3 GREEN8 arranged for import and delivery of food samples for FOODEX Japan 2015 exhibition. Italian Pavilion samples were provided in a smooth and timely manner to meet the exhibition start date.
  • 2015.2.27 GREEN8 now provides for door-to-door frozen embryo shipping from Japan to Georgia. The international transportation will be arranged by special container called Dry-shipper that contains liquid nitrogen gas (LNG) to keep the samples frozen at -190 Degree Celsius.
  • 2015.1.15 GREEN8 is working with "Safe Fertility Center" in Thailand to provide for Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)/ Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) for embryos before implantation. In addition to aCGH (Comparative genomic hybridization) method, the Thai clinic is capable of NGS (Next-generation sequencing) method for higher resolution and DNA sequencing.

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