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  • 2013.12.02 GREEN8 arranged for frozen and ambient food samples for business meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The logistical arrangement for JETRO Hokkaido and Hokkaido Food Industry Promotion Organization sponsored event was arranged by GREEN8 in Nov 2013. Wide range of frozen food samples, and confectionary were delivered in Riyadh in perfect condition.
  • 2013.11.25 GREEN8 provides shipment of frozen embryos, oocytes and sperm in its dry-shipper containers from Japan to wide- range of countires. We support patients with their IVF treatment, along with pre-implantation genetic diagnostic (PGD) profiling of embryo.
  • 2013.05.24 GREEN8 ONE-STOP genetic analysis mediation service starts in Japan,inlcuding search for the right overseas analysis institution,price and payment negotiation, shipment of frozen gene samples, until the safe receipt of analysis report.
  • 2013.05.20 GREEN8 starts umbilical cord blood storage bank service in Japan. Related add-on service includes consulting service to find the right clinic and stem cell R&D institution, as well as arranging for international shipment of stem cell and cord blood sample.
  • 2013.04.30 GREEN8 supports patients artificial insemination (AI) abroad through coordination with overseas fertility clinics on treatment process, schedule, costs, as well as bio-medical international shipments.
  • 2013.02.08 GREEN8 Commerce accepts application for Green and Agri products for export or import.Contact GREEN8 commerce for details.
  • 2013.02.06 GREEN8 Express starts an Ultimate Care International Express shipping service. In addition to temperature controlled international shipment, a high security international service is provided.
  • 2013.02.01 Japanese R&D Tax credit system is available to reduce transportation costs. Applicable Japanese clients could get a rebate on their corporate tax. Contact GREEN8 for details.
  • 2013.01.18 GREEN8 is established with its headquarter in Chiba, Japan

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