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GREEN8 is specialized in the shipment of goods to trade shows, exhibitions and conferences from/to Japan. Our customers are increasingly looking for reliable and efficient tailor-made solutions for marketing and logistical needs at international fairs and exhibitions. Our personalized approach includes completion of proper documentation for import/ export clearance, special permits and marketing consultations. Customized shipping schedule will guarantee an on-time delivery of goods for each trade shows and exhibitions.

GREEN8 has an excellent record for its logistical support for JETRO sponsored events in middle east and new emerging markets. Together with government sponsored COOL JAPAN export promotion support programs , and Japanese food (WASHOKU) exposures globally, our cool and frozen temperature monitored transportation techniques are embedded in trade show and exhibition logistical service.

Participation at International Food Exhibition

In addition to corporate compliance requirements, food and perishables have strict import and export regulations in each country which generates delays in delivery. GREEN8 specializes in proper documentation and import/export licensing and permits to avoid delays on the delivery of food samples. We work in advance to deliver food samples on-time for international trade shows, exhibitions or any special business events.

Previous inquires from clients

"Samples were not delivered on the first day of the trade show, and we missed business opportunities"
"I carried the samples by myself but all the food samples were confiscated at the airport"
" We ended up with unexpected cost since we didn't know proper documentation and procedures in advance, and our project was out of budget at the end"

〈Issues with Import Regulation〉

Chocolate (France) The chocolate samples arrived at the local airport, but since they contained milk, the custom clearance and quarantine rejected its entry into France and the samples were returned back to Japan due to lack of necessary documentation.
Frozen Tuna (China) Instead of focusing on China business opportunities, we ended up researching on how to ship the frozen tuna samples for the trade show in China. Due to various import regulations and necessary paperwork, the logistical paperwork was not completed on-time and we ended up receiving the frozen samples 20 minutes before the start of the show.
Processed Fish Product (Korea) Local custom and quarantine requested additional documents upon the arrival of samples. Without enough knowledge on how to provide for these documents, we ended up spending lots of time and money just to provide for the additional documents.

〈Issues with mishandling〉

Ice-cream (Korea) Frozen samples were not handled properly and melted during shipment. It was clear that the frozen samples were melted and then frozen again before delivery.

〈Temperature Control Packing〉

Cake and Confectionary Pastry (China) Since the exhibition was during the summer, cake and pastry samples required chilled transportation. However, the client did not know how to arrange for chilled international shipment. By the time, the client checked the paperwork and necessary packing, it was too late to meet the deadline for the exhibition.

〈Temperature Control Packing〉

Ice-cream (China) Samples successfully cleared Chinese custom. However, reefer truck was not arranged and as a result the samples melted before delivery.
Frozen Art Object (Demark) Lacking enough coolant and samples melted before delivery to the designated local hotel.

〈Issues with hand-carried baggage〉

Juice (Korea) The juice samples for the exhibition was hand-carried by the client on board. While the immigration and custom were smooth, samples were packed in big and heavy coolant box which caused lots of inconvenience due to unfamiliar new location.

〈Unexpected Cost burden〉

Processed Vegetable (Thailand) The baggage was over 20KG allowance, resulting in extra-charge at the airport. As well as other charges at the Bangkok airport due to custom and quarantine inspection check point.

〈Issues with Import Regulation〉

Frozen Sashimi (raw fish) (Singapore) Subjected to animal and quarantine checks at the airport upon arrival. The samples were confiscated since it was subject to control.

List of deliveries

USA Egypt Singapore Denmark France
Ireland Australia Switzerland Germany Bulgaria
England Oman Sweden New Zeeland Belgium
Israel Netherland Spain Norway Hong Kong
Italy Canada Thailand Hungary Malaysia
India Korea Taiwan Philippine Mexico
Indonesia Croatia China Finland Middle Eastern
Saudi Arabia UAE Dubai Brasil Russia Myanmar

List of goods

Tuna Skinless shrimp Ice-cream Cream cake
Frozen au gratin Japanese Sake Japanese dumpling Bread dough
Pasta Green tea Croquette Grilled pork
Food Flavor Confectionary Tofu Eggplant
Canned food Soy milk skin Soy sauce Chocolate
Cream Cheese Saury Amberjack
Grilled chicken Olive oil Bonito fish Frozen boiled crab
Potato Green soybean Strawberry Apple juice
Egg yolk Blue berry Peach Yogurt

GREEN8 total service in international fairs and expo logistics

GREEN8 total service in international fairs and expo logistics

Each country has a specific import regulation and requirements for each specific goods. In order to provide for a smooth and timely service, we research import requirements for your samples and prepare necessary documentation and import permits (note that for some countries import permit needs can not be arranged through GREEN8)。

[Import regulation of food items]

Most countries have specific import regulation and requirement for food items. Especially food items from Japan after 3.11 radiation incidents still require specific paperwork and prior preparation. Shipment with insufficient paperworks experience delay and confiscation upon arrival. GREEN8 is happy to assist with all fairs and expo related shipping, including shipment of food samples. We look forward to earning your business and we hope we can bring a new reliable solution to your shipping needs.

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