Company Profile

Fulfill a sustainable development for human and environement
  • Create an environmentally sustainable economic growth
  • Sustain green global environment for the next generation
  • Contribute towards creation of healthyhuman and clean environment
  • Contribute to global poverty reduction through sustainable commerce
  • Commit to assist R&D in new medicine to address aging population and globally spreading infectious diseases.
  • Establish environmentally sound investment in resource rich rural Japan and developing countries.
  • Build a prosperous living condition for the next generation
  • Contribute towards sustainable development by supporting primary sectors in agriculture, forestry and fishery industries.
Company Name GREEN8 Co.,Ltd.
Japan Location
  • ◆Headquarter Akiyama 2-19-15,Matsudo, Chiba,
    JAPAN, 270-2223
    TEL:047-392-2844  FAX:047-382-5228
  • ◆West Japan Office Ho 79, Shimomaki-Machi, Komatsu-shi,
    Ishikawa 923-0026 JAPAN
    TEL:0761-22-4351  FAX:0761-46-5208
  • ◆Tokyo office Hamacho Parc Bldg 3F,
    Nihonbashi Hamacho 2-6-1
    Chuo-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 103-0007
    TEL:03-6206-2657 FAX:03-6231-0529
Overseas Location ◆GREEN8 Myanmar Co., Ltd. 
No.84, E/G Room (3F), 3rd Floor, Grand Sayarsan Condominium, Sayarsan Street, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar
TEL: +95(9)-440-696 900
Director CEO Mariyan Nishi, Director Ai Kawamura, Director Masahiro Nishi
Establishment 18 January 2013
Investment capital JPY 12,500,000
Main Service

Logistics Services:
・ Bio Medical International shipping
・ International exhibition and expo shipping
・ IVF related personal bio shipment
・ Ocean Freight & Air Freight handling services
・ International Door-to-Door courier services
・ Warehousing and packaging
・ Customs clearance (Import/Export) and agency services

Trading Services:
・ International trade agency service
・ Import and export agency service
・ Export of Japanese biopharmaceutical and medical device
・ Export of Japan brand products
・ Sales and promotion of overseas product to Japanese buyers in Japan

Consulting Services:
・ Sustainable commerce and "Sixth-sector industrialization" support consulting activities
・ Overseas development of Japanese technologies/business activities (especially for SMEs)
・ Promotion of sustainable biomass resources utilization (biomass power generation, palm biomass etc)
・ Calculation/Simulation and project development of GHG emission reduction activities(energy saving and fluorocarbon management etc)
・ Relevant support including grant proposals preparation regarding above topics.

CEO and President
Mariyan Nishi

Our living environment and social system has changed drastically in the last 10 years. Global capitalistic economy has penetrated in our society and the pursuit of monetary economic efficiency and productivity affects our daily life. As a living creature on the planet earth, GREEN8 believes in clean and green environment, in which priority of life lies in inner happiness, as well as green and sustainable physical environment around us.

GREEN8 likes to contribute to global sustainability through our services to address issues ignored by the capitalistic economy, issues such as reduced birth rate and fertility problems in developed countries, excess concentration of population and industry in big Metropolitan area versus shrinking population in rural areas,as well as environmental degradation and pollutions. Our goal is to provide a sustainable earth for our next generation.

GREEN8 remain committed to provide the best service. Please feel free to contact us with any inquires.

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